The Climate Registry (TCR) operates voluntary reporting programs that empower organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by helping them measure, report and verify their carbon footprints. TCR currently operates the Carbon Footprint Registry for organizations in North America (including companies with global operations) and the Water-Energy Nexus Registry for organizations with operations in the state of California to report their carbon footprints and emissions related to water use, treatment and consumption.

Established in 2007, TCR was formed to continue the work of the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR). CCAR was created by the state of California in 2001 to promote and protect business’ early actions to manage and reduce their GHG emissions. Recognizing that climate change is a global issue and that success in emissions reporting must stretch beyond California’s borders, CCAR was instrumental in establishing TCR with the mission of expanding CCAR’s emissions reporting work to include all of North America. Today, TCR’s reporting program provides guidance, calculation tools, and a reporting platform that serves as a central database for emissions reports from all countries.

Organizations can measure, report and verify their carbon footprints to a reliable standard through TCR’s Carbon Footprint Registry.  TCR developed and maintains the guidance that underpins our reporting program, which is based on international standards and best practices, including WRI/WBCSD’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the ISO 14064 series of standards. TCR also provides resources and support to make the process as simple as possible for organizations from any sector. From utility providers that want to meet regulatory requirements and provide emissions intensity metrics to their customers to businesses that want to understand their emissions impact and identify areas for potential reductions, TCR’s reporting programs have the flexibility to meet an organization’s sector specific needs. TCR’s verification program ensures that high quality reported data will be used as a basis for decision making.


In the absence of national mandates to report and reduce organizational greenhouse gas emissions, TCR’s voluntary reporting programs provide a mechanism for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and a platform to communicate that work to their stakeholders. Emission reports verified through TCR’s programs are available to the public at, and verified emissions intensity rates for utility products are published to TCR’s website. [Electric Power Sector MetricsWater/Wastewater Sector Metrics] TCR’s programs facilitate a network where organizations can share challenges they have faced and strategies they have learned, as our members set the standard for what climate leadership looks like in the US.